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You can contribute and support this project by doing any of the following:

  • Star the project on GitHub
  • Give feedback
  • Contribute your ideas/suggestions
  • Commit PR
  • Share the plugin with your friends/colleagues
  • If you like the plugin, please consider making a donation to keep the plugin active:
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    Note: After using Alipay/WeChat to pay for your donation, please provide your name/nickname and website by leaving a message or via email in the following format:
    Name/Nickname [<website>][: message] (website and message are optional. Example: Yii.Guxing <>: Let's go!
    If you choose to send an email, please also provide the following information:
    Donation Amount: <amount>
    Payment Platform: Alipay/WeChat Pay
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    The name, website and total donation amount you provide will be added to the donor list.

Thank you for your support!

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